How can Take CARE! help your school?

When communication goes well, everyone in your school community wins.

  • The school community becomes the focal point of the neighborhood.
  • Students see effective communication modeled by their most important mentors...their teachers, parents, and administrators.
  • Parents become allies rather than adversaries.
  • Teachers and administrators work effectively together, with a strong commitment to each other and to the school's most important resource, it's students.

Take CARE! creates the foundation for empowerment!

An empowered school enables each teacher, administrator, and parent to be a contributor and a leader:

  • Take CARE! helps teachers, administrators, principals and parents become partners in support of children.
  • Take CARE! offers powerful communication strategies to identify problems and create solutions.
  • Take CARE! builds trust and respect, enabling innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Who is Take CARE! designed for?

Take CARE! is designed for professional staff development flexibility. An interactive computer DVD, which includes a printable participant workbook and a hard copy trainer's guide, provides effective communication training to...


  • School staff in-service sessions
  • PTA/PTO training support
  • Administrator-teacher off-site training
  • Teacher training college classes


  • Individual new-hire teachers
  • Student teachers preparing for their teaching credentials
  • Individual teachers who missed a group session
  • Individual teachers who want to improve personal communication skills
  • Individual teachers who need mentoring to improve personal communication skills in the performance review process

Take CARE! is a pragmatic way to provide valuable training.

With the Take CARE! program, staff development can proceed without locating a trainer who can come on a specified day.

Once purchased, Take CARE! can be used over and over as needed.

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