What do you get when you purchase the Take CARE! program?

  • Four modules on communication strategies that address all types of school situations and best practices to successfully resolve
  • A hard copy, full color 125 page Trainer's Guide to support program delivery
  • A printable Participant's Guide for practice exercises and ongoing resources
  • A printable Action Plan showing goals for school improvement set by the school team or individual teachers or staff who participated in the workshop
  • A Take CARE! bookmark as an ongoing reminder of key principles of communication

Take CARE! is delivered on a single interactive computer DVD, compatible with both PCs and Apple products. A hard-copy, full color 125 page Trainer's Guide is included in the package. Copies of the Trainer's Guide, the Participant's Guide, Action Plans, and bookmarks can be printed from the DVD.

This package is perfect for:

  • Staff development in a four hour session
  • Four, 45-minute segments (including discussion) that support staff meetings, other professional development activites, and meetings to inform other school members

Price: $149*

Extra Copies...Keep more than one copy of Take CARE! in your school library for teachers to check out for individual use. Ideal for student-teacher training in the classroom! Does not include hard copy Trainer's Guide.

Price: $99**

*Prices for five or more DVDs and Trainer's Guide packages can be arranged.
**Prices for five or more DVDs (no hard copy Trainer's Guide) can be arranged.

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